NYCC 2016 Giveaway

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The gang is back again with an exclusive NYCC 2016 giveaway! This giveaway is for NYCC attendees only! InvestComics and ComicXposure team-up to give away Champions #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #19 connecting covers! An exclusive limited Humberto Ramos variant cover(s) at NYCC 2016!!

AND…..Humberto Ramos WILL be appearing at NYCC 2016 this year. Get your book signed!!

RIGHT NOW you are able to pre-order these two NYCC exclusive limited covers on ComicXposure! Go HERE or click the image below and order now before they are sold out!!

Here is how to enter for your chance to WIN a Champions #1 Exclusive NYCC variant! There will be two winners for each variant set. You MUST pick up your books at NYCC at the ComicXposure booth if you win. ID WILL BE REQUIRED.


  • LIKE/FOLLOW InvestComics AND Social Media Giveaway on one of the 3 social media outlets; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. If you already like or follow both, go to the next step!
  • LIKE the post on any of the three social media outlets. WAIT for the post to appear if it’s not up yet, then LIKE.
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  • You MUST Follow ComicXposure on Facebook right HERE.

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Winner announced on Oct 5th 2016. NYCC starts on October 6th 2016. Good luck to everyone!

This promotion is open to participants attending NYCC 2016 only. If you have won a giveaway from InvestComics LLC or Social Media Giveaway within the last 6 months, you are not eligible in this promotion. There will be no replacement or item shipped out to you if you do not claim your prize at NYCC 2016. Employee’s or family members of InvestComics, Social Media Giveaway or ComicXposure are not eligible for this promotional giveaway. Winner will be announced on October 5th. There will be no second runner up winner.  
InvestComics does not own or handle prizes. The above company or creator giving away the item(s) give out the prize(s). InvestComics/Social Media Giveaway are NOT responsible for any item(s) you win. Item(s) won are ‘AS-IS’ and have we do not bear any responsibility to the prize(s). Please speak with the company or creator directly if you deem it necessary to do so. We will NOT be the middle man handling any issues of your item(s).

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